Move-In and Move-Out Information

Move-In Information

Orientation and Welcome Schedules

Please ensure that you are viewing your correct Welcome Weekend schedule based on your course’s start date. There are two schedules, one for residential students and one for commuter students. 

Residential Student Welcome Schedules

Residential students must review the following move-in schedules to ensure they arrive on-time to their scheduled events and orientations. Residential students live in Shaw Hall for the duration of their programs.

Commuter Student Welcome Schedules

Commuter students are those that live in the area and commute to and from class, daily. Commuter students must review the following schedules to ensure they arrive on-time to their specific scheduled events and orientations.

*Please note, if you are attending more than one program/session, you only are required to attend one (your first) orientation. 

Move-In Information

Move-in day is a very busy and exciting day! Students have a set move-in date depending on the program in which they are enrolled. Please visit your course page for the specific details.

If you are driving to campus, please follow these steps:

Students may pick up their key and check in on their scheduled move-in day.

Residential students must check in to receive their class schedule, SUID card, and other important information.

After residential students check in, they may move into their room and meet their roommate.

When making travel arrangements, make sure to pay close attention to your Orientation Schedule and your program’s final commitment. Unless noted otherwise, programs conclude at 4 p.m. on the last Friday of class.

Syracuse is located in the heart of central New York State. It has a metropolitan population of approximately 663,000 and is the economic and education hub of the region. Central New York residents are helpful and accustomed to interacting with the large number of international and visiting students who make their home at Syracuse University.