About the Office of Pre-College Programs

For more than 60 years, Syracuse University Office of Pre-College Programs has been providing high school students with the opportunity to explore potential college majors and careers in its renowned pre-college programs. Students not only learn what it’s like to be a college student, but they leave the program feeling confident, enthusiastic and ready for college.

Get to Know Us

The Office of Pre-College Programs team is comprised of dedicated and caring professionals who are devoted to making all pre-college programs and courses run smoothly and effectively for students, faculty and staff. Year-round, programs are administered by the Office of Pre-College Programs staff with help from many offices and departments across the University.

Please don’t hesitate to call and leave a message at 315.443.5000 or e-mail us at precollege@syr.edu with any questions and/or concerns.

Christopher Cofer, Executive Director

Cofer manages the overall direction of Office of Pre-College Programs in collaboration with leadership from Syracuse University schools and colleges. He also supervises course development, enrollment management, and marketing and recruitment.

Cofer has been working in the pre-college space for more than 25 years.  He specializes in working with faculty to create immersive, experiential and transformational courses. He joined Syracuse University in April 2007. Cofer was acknowledged as the 2018 New York ACT College and Career Readiness Postsecondary Champion for his dedication to assisting underrepresented and underserved students in navigating their future educational and professional career. He earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and American literature from Northern Arizona University in 1996, and a master’s degree in outdoor and environmental education from SUNY Cortland in 2002.

Christine Signy, Assistant Director of Enrollment & Student Services

Christine’s responsibilities include application processing, enrollment management, and working with parents regarding student accounts. She also supports faculty with course development and delivery.

Originally from Portsmouth, England, Christine worked for Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) for 15 years before joining Summer College in April 2020. She graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in information management and technology with a minor in global enterprise from Syracuse University in 2015. In 2017, Christine earned a master’s degree in instructional design, development, and evaluation from Syracuse University. She is a member of the Syracuse Alumni board and the Hendrick Chapel Quilters.

Yaohui (Sandy) Paul-Wei, Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Sandy leads and manages the overall residential functions of the summer college program, providing operation oversights of the residential experience for the summer college students.

Originally from Beijing, China, Sandy came to Syracuse University as an international student. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, minor in global security study, a master’s degree in Sport Venue and Event management, and another master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, all from Syracuse University. Prior to joining Summer College, Sandy worked as the Outdoor Education Coordinator and the Sport Club Coordinator with Barnes Center at the Arch-Recreation. Sandy has 7 years’ experience with experiential learning, as well as teambuilding and leadership programs.

Aprille Logan, Pre-College Program Specialist

Aprille joined the Summer College team in March 2019. She responds to phone calls and email inquiries, processes applications and forms, and maintains internal databases.

Aprille graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She was a UPK (Universal Prekindergarten) teacher and later the director of Childtime Children’s Center in Syracuse.

Merissah Gilbert, Pre-College Program Specialist

Merissah joined the Pre-College team in February 2023. Merissah’s responsibilities include all aspects of the creation and delivery of the diverse portfolio of Pre-College programs for high school students. 

She has a Master’s Degree in Teaching: Physical Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from SUNY Cortland. During her time there she did two study abroad and since then she has traveled to 22 countries. Prior to joining the Pre-College team, she was a Physical Education Teacher and an Aquatic Program Coordinator in the Barnes Center where she helped student staff lifeguards get ready for the year.  

Kaniska Chowdhury, Office Coordinator

Kaniska Joined the Pre-College team in December 2023. Her responsibilities include welcoming Visitors and assist them, respond to email enquiries, overseeing administrative staff, supporting other OPCP personnel.

Originally from West Bengal, India. She Graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degree in Philosophy from Jadavpur University, India. Kaniska worked as a RA in India before she moved to United States. Prior to joining Summer College, Kaniska worked at Cornell University as a student service assistant.

Amari Williams, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Amari joined the pre-college team in December 2022. His responsibilities include designing marketing content, updating and maintaining the website, and supporting other OPCP personnel with application processing and enrollment.

Amari graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2021, and a Master’s Degree of Professional Studies in Management from Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business in 2022. Amari is advancing his love for marketing here in the in the Office of Pre-College Programs. He is also active within his church where he spiritually mentors members of the congregation.

Kalen Bjerga, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kalen joined the pre-college team in January 2023. Her responsibilities include managing and updating the Pre-College Programs website, planning and designing marketing content, and supporting other OPCP personnel with application processing, enrollment, and logistical planning related to the program.

Kalen graduated from Clarkson University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media & Design and a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts & Sciences. During her time at Clarkson, she worked as a RA for several years, working with students and helping them have an enjoyable college experience. 

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