Applications for Accelerated Semester Online are Open!

Congratulations on beginning your pre-college journey! Below is some additional information on the application process.

Syracuse University Summer College precollege student

Apply to Accelerated Semester Online

Enroll in academic year credit courses that are eight weeks in length.

Applications for Summer College 2024 are Closed!

Summer College – On Campus

Enroll in summer credit or noncredit courses on campus at Syracuse University that are up to four weeks in length.

Summer College – Online

Enroll in online summer credit or noncredit courses that are three or six weeks in length.

Summer College – Hybrid

Enroll in credit courses that are four weeks in length, with 1 week on campus and 3 weeks online.

Two pre-college students analyze an experiment in a lab

Summer College – Research Immersion Programs

Enroll in a noncredit research program that is six weeks in length, either online or on campus.

Apply to Summer College – On Location

Enroll in a summer noncredit commuter course in NYC or LA.

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