Cost and Aid Information | Summer College – Online

2021 Summer College – Online Costs

The cost for credit and noncredit courses vary. Please refer to the course’s individual description page for the cost. Discounts are available. The cost of each course includes the following:

  • Tuition (for credit-bearing courses)
  • Program fees
  • Technology fees

There is a nonrefundable $60 application fee that covers the cost of application processing.

CourseTotal Cost
Noncredit (any length)$2,500
3-Credits (any length)$2,985
4-Credits (any length)$3,680
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required one week after acceptance into the program. The remaining balance is due by June 15, 2021.

Make a Payment

Need to make a payment to Summer College – Online? Log in with the student’s SUID number (found on the top right corner of their admit letter) and birthdate to the payment portal below.

If you would like to pay by check, EBT, or other payment method, please contact the Office of Pre-College Programs.

Discounts, Aid and Scholarship Opportunities


Students may qualify for one of the discounts below. All discounts provide a 20% discount on tuition, program, and technology fees. Discounts and scholarship cannot be combined. If the student is eligible for multiple discounts or financial awards, s/he will be deemed eligible for the singular form of financial assistance that provides the greatest benefit to the student. 

Multi-Program and Sibling Discounts

To qualify, students must either enroll in more than one Summer College course in 2021 or have a sibling attending a Summer College course in 2021.

Veteran and Military Discount

Syracuse University is proud to have a tradition of service to veteran and military families. Summer College will continue this tradition by offering children of veterans or active service members a discount. Documentation is required to qualify for this discount.

Syracuse Legacy Alumni Discount

To qualify, the student must be one of the following: a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild of a Syracuse University Alumni, a sibling of a student currently enrolled at Syracuse University, a former Summer College student, or a current or past SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance) student.

Syracuse University Employee Discount

To qualify, the student must be a child or dependent of a current Syracuse University employee. This discount has no association with the general dependent tuition options offered by Syracuse University and is offered independently by The Office of Pre-College Programs.

Central New York Resident Discount

To qualify, students must be residents of Onondaga County, New York or the immediate surrounding counties (Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Oneida, and Oswego).

To qualify for any award above, applicants will be instructed to provide the necessary information as part of the online application. Discounts and scholarships cannot be combined. The Office of Pre-College Programs will offer the award that provides the maximum benefit to the student.

Discount Schedule

The following is the discount schedule for Summer College Online courses:

  • Noncredit courses: $500
  • 3-credit courses: $597
  • 4-credit courses: $736

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Office of Pre-College Programs offers merit-based scholarships for qualifying students. These scholarships are available to all students. If the student is eligible for financial assistance and a merit-based scholarship, s/he will be deemed eligible for the singular form of financial assistance that provides the greatest benefit to the student. This assistance may not be combined with other forms of aid, discounts, or scholarships.

To apply for a merit-based scholarship, students must complete the additional essay located within the Scholarship and Aid section of the Summer College application. Each application is evaluated independently. The deadline to apply for a merit-based scholarship has passed.

The maximum Merit-Based Scholarship award for all courses is $1,000.

It Girls Scholarship

There are two scholarship opportunities for students who are accepted into the It Girls course:

  • A full scholarship of $2,500
  • Partial scholarship up to $1,250

These scholarships are sponsored by the Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) and their industry partners and the Office of Pre-College Programs. There is no deadline to apply to this scholarship.

To apply for an exclusive It Girls scholarship, follow these instructions:

  • When applying, select “It Girls” as your course choice
  • Complete the additional required essay prompt: “Please answer in at least 250 words: What problem would you like to see solved using technology, data or information and why?*”
  • Select ‘Yes’ that you would like to be considered for an It Girls Scholarship in the Scholarship and Discounts section of the application

Students who are chosen for either of the scholarships will see the amount reflected in their payment portal.

Financial Assistance

The Office of Pre-College Programs offers partial need-based assistance for qualifying Summer College students. Full scholarships are not offered. Financial assistance is only available to students who are US citizens and permanent residents, and whose family has an adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less. Financial assistance may not be combined with other forms of aid, discounts, or scholarship. Financial assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are limited. In order to be considered, students must submit their family’s most recent tax returns with their application. The deadline for 2021 Financial Assistance has passed.

The maximum Financial Assistance award for all courses is $1,000.

Scholarships for Community Based Organizations

Community-based organizations, student sponsoring agencies, and partner personnel can visit our Partner Organizations page for more information and contact our office to discuss potential scholarships and financial assistance opportunities.

Full Payment Refund Schedule

Please review the refund schedule below. Note, the application fee and $500 deposit are nonrefundable.

Sessions100% Refund Deadline
(less deposit)
50% Refund Deadline
(less deposit)
0% Refund
6-Week Course
(Start Date July 19)
Up to June 20June 21 – July 1July 2+
3-Week Session I
(Start Date: July 19)
Up to June 20June 16 – July 1July 2+
3-Week Session II
(Start Date: August 9)
Up to July 10June 6 – July 22July 23+

Frequently Asked Questions

Aid is awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Financial Assistance and Merit Based Scholarships are available as noted above. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 15, 2021. Students complete the application within the Aid portion of the online Slideroom application.

International students are eligible for various Syracuse University Summer College scholarships and discounts. Additionally, international students are encouraged to reach out to their local embassies to determine if there are any scholarships or aid available.