Course Overview

Becoming famous on the internet has never been easier – or tougher! So much more goes into creating the ultimate TikTok, Instagram Reel, or Facebook post than just snapping a photo. In this course, students will learn the fine details about their target audiences, privacy and confidentiality, rules and risks, and the rapid digital changes from yesterday to today that make it necessary to conquer the social media landscape.

Students will be tasked with creating and maintaining a social network for a variety of professional and personal reasons and prepare for a future in social media management.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze, interpret, and demonstrate understanding of the affordances and limitations of social media for communicating.
  • Recognize the larger social, personal, and cultural impact of social media on society.
  • Explain the complex, changing organizational structures and challenges that workers must negotiate when working with social media.
  • Analyze the social media strategies of contemporary organizations, such as non-profits, start-ups, local businesses, small businesses, or multi-national corporations.
  • Analyze and demonstrate strategic communication messaging through social media.

Course Information

Course Prefix and Number: SCN 137

Format: Online

Eligibility: Students must be of rising high school sophomore, junior or senior status – or a 2024 high school graduate. 

Credit: Noncredit

Grading: Pass/Fail

Cost: $1,995

Program rates are subject to change and will be approved by the board of trustees. Discounts and scholarships are also available.

Program Information

Summer College – Online: Explore college life before stepping foot on campus! High school students can enroll in a college-level course, pursue their academic interests, and meet likeminded students in daily virtual events and activities.

Course Dates and Details

ProgramCourse DatesSynchronous Class Time (Eastern Time)Credit/NoncreditStatus
Summer College – Online3-Week Session II: Monday, July 29 – Thursday, Aug 15, 2024MTWTh;
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Course Requirements

Required Supplies

Students should budget for required textbooks and supplies. Students will need a laptop/computer for this class.

Typical Day

Tentative Schedule

Class time will include lecture, individual work, and group work. Students will be creating and maintaining their own social media and social networking sites.

Faculty Bio

Dr. Kristy Lee Dracker Hochenberger

Kristy Lee Dracker Hochenberger was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from Capella University and is a member of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology. Dr. Hochenberger (Dr. H to her students) has been teaching in higher education for over 15 years. Her exemplary leadership skills earned her an induction to the National Society of Leadership and Success and she is proud to represent her deaf and hard of hearing community as a member of Delta Alpha Phi International Honor Society. A graduate of prestigious Wells College, Kristy Lee is also a licensed funeral director and co-founder of Salt City Legacy Scholars, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that awards scholarships and financial assistance to young women across New York State. Kristy Lee’s passion for lifelong learning has led to her multiple certifications and training in diverse studies. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree (History/Art History), she has an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Services (Funeral Arts & Sciences) as well as a Master of Business Administration. Dr. H lives in Syracuse with her human family and a menagerie of animals.

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