Student Stories: Celine

Celine attended Summer College – Online in 2020 and was enrolled in Broadcast and Digital Journalism: TV News Storytelling.

“I loved participating in the Syracuse University Summer College – Online experience for three reasons.

First, I was introduced to students from across the country who share my passion for broadcast journalism. Although I didn’t get to meet my professors and peers in person, I was still able to build deep connections and I continue to maintain contact with several of my classmates today.

Second, the welcoming and comfortable environment that was pervasive throughout the three-week course was very heartwarming. I was a bit nervous going into the program as I felt my lack of experience would hinder me from succeeding, however my concerns were quickly alleviated by the engaging and friendly instructors.

Finally, I learned a great deal of information about the broadcast industry and production process that I can now apply to my personal projects and future endeavors. This helped me pinpoint my interests and provided me with a better sense of what I want to study at university and consider for a future career.” 

Thanks for sharing, Celine!