“I had the best summer ever.”

All I can say is: don’t walk, run to attend Summer School at Syracuse University. I had the best summer ever.

From the minute I walked on the campus to check in, I felt a warm and friendly vibe. Syracuse makes everyone feel welcome. I made friends from all over the world.

To give you a sense of campus life, one of the fondest memories I have is, late at night,  going with a group of newly made friends to Insomnia. Insomnia bakes the most insanely delicious cookies. They were warm, fresh, chewy and provided just the right pick-me-up after studying at the library. It was a great place to mingle, get refueled and then go back to the dorm to play insanely competitive ping pong with the RA’s. There is a good balance of being independent, but also they keep checks on your safety. The RA’s go out of their way to make sure everyone feels included.

The program itself was just the right mix of intense study, but also fun. I formed a great relationship with the professor. They go out of their way to get to know the strengths of each student. I felt it prepared me for college life. I discovered how hard it can be to work as a member of a team to meet deadlines, and wrestle with whose idea will be chosen as the business pitch.  I learned things about myself as a leader, such as how to get buy-in and get people to rally behind one idea. I grew as a student.

Josh, a Summer College Launching a Business student from 2018.

Thank you for sharing, Josh!