Course Overview

Online crime, social media mayhem, intellectual property piracy… In this Syracuse University Summer College – On Campus course, high school students will learn to identify and analyze legal issues by studying recent case law, will practice these skills by dissecting publicly controverted, yet-to-be decided scenarios, and will learn to present and argue cases before their classroom ‘jury.’ Legal battles that start in cyberspace may end in physical space courtrooms, and as part of this course, students will personally experience local courtrooms and professionals who practice in them.

This course is not only fun and rewarding, but also fairly intense, and requires commitment to individual and teamwork. Students should be sure to bring their maturity and positive energy with them!

All students who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and have the opportunity to request a Syracuse University noncredit transcript.

Course Topics

  • Study areas of law that have the most powerful presence in cyber-activities.
  • Develop a worldly interest in law and technology through exposure to high profile tech/legal controversies.
  • Experience courtrooms and other brick-and-mortar legal and technology spaces.
  • Participate in an actual law school learning environment and manage performance expectations.
  • Practice courtroom speaking by ‘arguing’ your case in front of your student peers.

Course Information

Course Prefix and Number: TBD

Format: On Campus (at Syracuse University)

Eligibility: Students must be of rising high school junior, or senior status – or a 2022 high school graduate. Students should possess strong English skills, and familiarity with presentation software.

Credit: Noncredit

Grading: Pass/Fail


  • Residential: $3,585
  • Commuter: $2,730

Program rates are subject to change and will be approved by the board of trustees.  Discounts and scholarships are also available.

Program Information

Summer College – On Campus: Experience what college is really like: take a college-level course, live in a residence hall, have meals with friends in a dining hall, and participate in activities and events on campus.

“I loved Summer College, it made me more interested in the subject I was studying as well as allowed me to make new friends that I will treasure forever. Summer College was a truly great experience and I would recommend it to everyone!!”

– Noemi C., Summer College – On Campus Student, 2019.

Course Dates and Details

ProgramCourse Dates Class Time (Eastern Time) Credit/NoncreditStatus
Summer College – On Campus 2-Week Session I: Sunday, July 3 – Friday, July 15, 2022MTWThF;
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Class times subject to change.

Course Requirements

Required Textbooks & Supplies

  • Students will be required to bring their laptop to class daily
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Office download provided to enrolled students)
  • Students should bring two courtroom-appropriate, professional outfits
  • Students should budget for the cost of required textbooks and supplies (can be purchased at the Syracuse University Campus store)

Typical Day

Tentative Schedule

Students will be in class from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday for two-weeks. During the morning session (‘Legal Principles,’) students learn the law and practice legal skills with the the professor. During the afternoon session (‘Law Clinic,’), students engage in active and demonstrative learning, for example, presenting homework findings, traveling for field trips, and observing legal professionals on and off site. The afternoon session will typically be lead by the teaching assistant.

When class is over, and on weekends, students can look forward to various Summer College – On Campus activities to meet and connect with other students! Check out our On Campus Experience page for more information!

Field Trips

  • Tour of Syracuse University’s College of Law
  • Tour of Newhouse at Syracuse University
  • Tour of Fenner Windfarm
  • Tour of Centerstate CEO TechGarden (w/professionals)
  • Tour of Onondaga County Courthouse (w/professionals)
  • Tour of Federal Courthouse, Northern District of New York (w/professionals)
  • Tour of iSchool

Instructor Bio

Diane E. Darwish Plumley, Esq., owner of Darwish Law Offices, PC and honors graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Law

Diane E. Darwish Plumley, Esq., owner of Darwish Law Offices, PC, has practiced law in Central New York for over 15 years. Mrs. Plumley is an honors graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Law, as well as of Syracuse University’s College of Information Studies where she earned her Masters of Science in Telecommunications and Network Management. Mrs. Plumley’s academic background includes study in mathematics, economics, technology transfer, and intellectual property. She is a regular guest lecturer of intellectual property, technology transfer, and courtroom litigation at Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Darwish Law Offices, PC, is a family and matrimonial law firm, devoted to Central New York families and children. Blending her law practice and educational background, Mrs. Plumley volunteers substantial time to non-traditional STEM education of local youth. Ms. Plumley is the current and four-time President of the Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY), and previously served as Chairperson of the TACNY Junior Café Scientifique series, TACNY’s 1st VP and Chair of Programs. Mrs. Plumley has received several community awards in recognition of her efforts. Mrs. Plumley also serves as an Officer on the Board of CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc.

In her relaxation time, Diane enjoys running, skiing, hiking, raising chickens, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors with her husband and family.

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